"Please read if you have a heart & desire to help our children"

First, I want to assure you that I'm not playing games, because the message I'm relaying is too important to our children's future. Please read on and understand what I'm attempting to do with my new book called, F.A.B. Connection - Fighters Against Bullying."

My life story isn't important, but my intentions and comments  that I've written in my latest book are. I've spent 40 years behind prison walls of broken dreams, and never once have I given up on myself and those young misguided youth that I encounter every day, such as gang members, bullies, and so-called gangsters who also found their way behind these walls  that I also call, "The Devil's Playground." There is no better group of misguided kids to learn from and work with than these troubled youth.

For year I've done a lot to learn how to become human. First I needed proper education, and then I was able to share my quest with others who were just as lost and afraid as I was. For years groups of us fought together trying to redeem ourselves, while also trying to find peace and salvation. We faced many trials and tribulations while trying to change our mindset from an animalistic setting to a human setting.

Believe me, it wasn't easy the first 20 years. It almost drove me out of my mind, yet though my will and determination I stood my ground and fought on. I'm one of the last dragons who has changed and survived. With that said, over the last 20 plus years I've taught many of the vocational trades, and educational workshops, as well as therapeutic programs geared to help to change our youth, to what I call, cold-blooded monsters into decent human beings.

Yet, these kinds of programs and those inmates who taught them are never given much credit for their hard work and commitment in the changing of those young hearts and minds. But if truth was told, the older men such as myself never did it for recognition. We did it to help save the lives of those youth so they were able to re-enter their communities, and not bring pain and shame, but honor and respect.

Please let me be frank, at 60 years old and 40 years incarcerated I'm still one of the last dragons who are trying to help save our lost children and lives of others. I'm trying to touch their hearts and minds before they act out in a behavior that would send them to my world.

Let me make this clear, everything I've accomplished does not take one day off my sentence, but it does give me peace of mind knowing that what I'm doing does make a difference in helping to save lives.

I've used all of my training, guidance and each of the therapeutic skills and programs that I was a part of to write this book. It is geared towards helping our children from becoming monsters and ending up behind these walls of broken dreams.

So all I'm asking for is that someone to take an interest in this book and help me get it into the hands of these children who need it most. We need these school shootings and mass murders to come to an end, or at least slow down.

The program I've put together in this book does work, it really does. I've tested this book on the youth. Many youth who have worked with me and practiced what is in this book have not come back to prison, and making a difference to many others.

I don't have the resources to fund this book the way it should be funded, so believe me, I'm not trying to make any kind of name for myself. My job was to come up with ways to help our youth to be able to stop, think, and lead them to becoming decent people.

I've done all I'm able to do and now its up to people like you to help save our children's lives. One never knows, but his book could even help someone you love. One never knows how fate will either smile upon you for doing what's right, or frown on you for not caring enough to help.

I can't say much more because if you were not touched by my words thus far, than nothing else said would matter. So please think about it and let your heart speak.

Please click on this link to view my GoFundMe campaign. https://www.gofundme.com/fighters-against-bullying

Thank you...Walter "Chris" Taylor

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