Curtis -V- Chucky, Book 3 of the Dummy Detectives Series...


Greetings to the copyright owners of Chucky, Child's Play, Don Mancini, John Lafia, and Tom Holland...

Boy, you guys are really hard to get in touch with.  My wife has searched all over the Internet attempting to find at least one of you so I could talk with you.  So I have no other choice but to do it this way...

First, let me make it very clear that I have no intention of selling any books of "Curtis-V-Chucky" without your permission.  I really would like to talk with one of you.  When Churcky first came out everyone loved it, it was new and different, but now things have changed and people are looking for new material to entertain them, and yet one big showdown with Curtis-V-Chucky would give them something old, and something new all at once.

If they loved Curtis and the rest of the Dummy Detectives, then you would be able to start a new series.  All I ask is that you check out what I have and then make your own decision, whether my Dummy Detectives series is worth your time.

What have you got to lose by reading what I have to share with you?  I'm more than sure when you first put Chucky together people thought you were crazy, but they were wrong and Chucky became a hit.  So don't pre-judge this series and miss out on something great.

If anyone knows any of these guys, please ask them to read this note.  It's meant for them.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Now with all that said, let's get to the book itself.  Here are some excerpts from a few chapters for you to read. I narrated some parts so you will know what's going on. I had to put all of chapter 8 in so you would fully understand how Curtis and the rest of the Dummy Detectives were able to fight Chucky. I even shared some of the killing Chucky was a part of, but Chucky kills 15 people and I couldn't put all that in these few pages. I just wanted to give you some idea of how he went about it.

As for the rest of the Dummy Detectives, they're funny as hell, and we all get busy in more ways than one. Damn! I wish I could put the whole book out, but I can't. Still, I hope you enjoy what you're about to read and want to read more and see the movie in the future.  Take care, my Dummy Detectives followers, and dummy speed to all of you.


In Chapter three, Chris and Curtis rush to the hospital after receiving a phone call saying that their Dummy Detectives partners had been hurt very bad, and this is what happened once they were there...

Their trip didn't take as long as they had thought it would, but then again, Chris had broken every speed limit along the way by driving 90 to 100 miles an hour.  Once there a prettty young nurse showed them to their friend's room, but she didn't prepare them for the sight they saw as they entered the room.

In the first bed near the door lay Larry, with both of his dummy legs broken and wrapped in casts from his chest to his toes.  Both of his arms were in casts to his shoulders.  His chest area was wrapped, as well.  To be truthful, he looked like some kind of little dummy mummy right out of the movies.  Even his head was wrapped, and only his eyes and mouth showed.

Smitty lay in the bed next to his partner.  He was a sight for sore eyes.  He was in a cast from head to toe too, like a carbon copy of Larry.  They were indeed a sight to see.  Chris and Curtis had never dreamed of seeing them in this kind of shape.  Larry maybe, for talking too much, but not Smitty.  As they walked in, Larry spoke to Curtis in a weak-sounding voice like a small child.

"Man, he hurt me!  He really hurt me and Smitty bad,"  Larry kept said.

Curtis, who was still in the dark as to what happened, didn't know who "He" was.  "Who in the hell did this to you, little buddy?" Curtis asked.  "Tell me who did this!"

"He did it, damn it!  He did it!" Larry almost cried.

"Who?"  Curtis asked once again, searching the room to make sure "He" wasn't there with them.  "Man, you're not making any sense.  Who the hell is He?"

"Chucky, damn it!  Chucky did this to us!  I told the nurse to tell you who did it, in case you saw him in the hospital.  That way you would know him and kick his ass."  Larry cried out, as if in pain.

Curtis turned his head toward Chris and said, "Is there something you forgot to tell me?  Like WHO THE FUCK IS CHUCKY!   You seem to have forgotten to tell me that part of the conversation you and the nurse had."

Chris had no choice but to tell him what the nurse had said: a Chucky doll came back to life and tried to kill Larry and Smitty.

"OH HELL NO!" Curtis shouted.  "You mean to tell me it was Chucky, the one in the movie, the one who loved killing and cutting people up, the one who had a child who turned out gay and then ended up killing his own father.  Are you talking about that Chucky?  You mean to tell me that a 4 feet tall Chucky doll kicked the two of your asses and broke you both the fuck up like match sticks?  That's the Chucky you're trying to get me to believe you're talking about?  OH HELL NO! Okay, okay you got me.  Where's the camera?"  He asked while looking around.  "I know I've been 'Punked.'  The joke's on me, so tell everyone to come on out.  You got me. Man, it must have taken you over 8 hours to put all that makeup on.  This shit looks as real as a motherfucker."  Curtis laughed, still expecting to see people come out from their hiding places.  But to Curtis' surprise, no one came out, and he started getting that nervous feeling again.  "Man, this shit can't be real,"  he thought.

"No one's trying to punk you Curtis, and it's not 'Candid Camera' by any means.  This is some real freaky shit; Chucky fucked us up.  Don't ask me how because I'm still having trouble believing all of this myself,"  Smitty said.

Chris and Curtis were in shock.  They never knew Smitty to lie, not in any form or fashion.  So if he said it was Chucky, then they had to believe him.

After seeing their reaction, Smitty told them how Chucky came to their house and how Larry used and abused him, beating Chucky's ass like a punching bag for the last three weeks, then when they washed him and hung him out to dry, a strange storm came and brought Chucky back to life.

"STOP IT! STOP IT!  You're killing me with this crazy-ass shit!" Curtis shouted.  "You mean to tell me that you allowed Larry to bring home a crazy-ass Chucky doll so he could use, abuse, and beat the hell out of him?  MAN!  Are you two white boys crazy?  Or do the two of you just have a death wish?   Don't the two of you know any damn thing about crazy movie killers?  There are certain things you just don't do over if you want to live."

"One:  You never, never ever bring crazy killers into your home and mess with them." "Two:  You never buy a Michael Myers Halloween mask on Halloween because that crazy cock strong killer is always coming back to life just so he can kill his sister and a whole lot of other crazy people who get in his way.  I think the crazy fool was really gay, and his sister stole his little doll when he was young.  The crazy white boy has never been right after that, so you don't fuck with his sister or him, especially on Halloween night." "Three:  You never fuck with another white boy called Jason.  That ugly sick son-of-a-bitch is a killing machine; he's the worst of all.  They have over 15 movies with him killing everything under the sun.  Not even cats or dogs are safe when his ass is on the prowl."  "Four:  You never mess with Freddy because that child molester loves killing kids in their dreams, and if you try to stop him from having his fun, he'll get into your own dreams and turn your whole life into one hell of a nightmare with a deadly ending.  You'll never wake up the same."  "Five:  You never, EVER screw around with that crazy, short, redheaded bastard called Chucky.  That crazy fool was a stone killer before he became a doll with a bad temper, and now he's worse than ever; he went butt-ass wild, killing everyone just so he could turn back human.  He's a sick fuck!  Therefore, you never beat Chucky's ass and not expect him to come back alive so he can get even with your foolish asses."  "The two of you broke every movie rules there are!"  Curtis shouted at his friends.  "And now you got our black asses stuck right in the middle of your white family feud!"

Chris spoke up so Curtis wouldn't make matters worse, if that could happen; he also knew Curtis was right. But now was not the time to point fingers at their friends.  "Listen up; I know you said there was a funny storm, but how did that bring Chucky back to life?"

"Man, didn't you just hear what these two crazy fools said?"  Curtis shouted. "These two fools beat Chucky's ass back to life!  That's how that shit happened."

"I know all of this sounds strange, but it was our neighbors who saved our lives.  They heard all the screaming and called the police,"  Smitty said.  "As to why he didn't kill us while he had the chance, I'm not sure about that one, but I have every intention of asking him that question when we meet again, and this time I'll be ready."  Smitty had madness in his eyes, and no emotion in his voice.

There was no doubt in any of their minds that Smitty wanted another shot at Chucky, but that would be a long time coming, since he was broken up pretty bad.

"Hold the fuck up!  What screaming?  Who the hell was doing all that screaming like a bitch?"  Curtis asked.  But before Smitty could answer, Larry not liking what he heard, spoke up to clear the air.

"First of all, it wasn't bitch screaming, not in that sense," Larry said.  I was hollering, making lots of noise in the hopes that someone would hear me and come to our aid, or at least call the cops, which someone did do.  You have to understand that after he knocked Smitty out with the baseball bat from behind, Smitty couldn't help me.  Then the bastard started breaking my man up into pieces.  After that Chucky abused me for the next 3 hours or more; I lost track of time; it was so painful.  That's when I knew I had no choice but to start screaming, I mean hollering for help."

 Curtis couldn't leave well enough alone, no more than Larry would have if the shoe was on the other foot.  "What the fuck!  You mean to tell us that Chucky beat your ass for over 3 hours?  What else did he do to you, little buddy?  You can tell us.  We all know Chucky has a working dick, because he had a gay child in the movie.  So come on, kick the dirt, little buddy.  Let it all out,"  Curtis stated and then laughed.  He couldn't help himself.  "White on white, and I know it couldn't have been a pretty sight."

"Fuck you, Curtis!"  Larry screamed.

"See there, you're still screaming.  All I'm trying to find out is if Chucky fucked you!"  Curtis shot back at his friend.  "Is that what you were trying to tell me when I first came into the room and you kept saying, He hurt me!  He hurt me really bad!"  Now, what you really meant to say was, He fucked me!  He fucked me really hard!"  Then Curtis laughed again.

Larry was so mad he wanted to kick Curtis' ass.  "You're really enjoying all of this, aren't you, asshole?"  Larry screamed again.

"No!  I never enjoy seeing a friend suffer, but you brought all of this on yourself, and now you made us a part of this crazy bullshit.  You beat Chucky's ass for three weeks, and when he decided to come alive and return the favor you were only able to last a few hours before you started falling apart and screaming like a bitch.  That just goes to show what I've been saying all along: white people can dish it out, but sure as hell can't take it when it comes back their way.  So dummy your ass up and handle it.  Plus, white people always seem to have a problem when it comes to running away from trouble when they see it coming their way," Curtis added.

"That's bullshit!" Larry shouted.  "So what you're saying is that black people never get killed in the movies or in real life."

"I'm not saying that at all.  Everyone knows, if you see a black person in 'movies' where there is killing, he'll be the first one to die.  They have to trick black people now days to get them to do a movie with killing in it, because once...


But before Larry could justify his statement, a strange wind blew the door open and a foul smell of dead fish filled the room.  They all turned and looked at the door, which was surrounded by a soft blue light.  Everyone froze, thinking it was Chucky and that somehow he had found them and now was there to finish the job he had started earlier.

But it wasn't Chucky. Instead, an older Jamaican woman appeared.  She had long gray hair and a funny-style hat that was cocked ace, duce, and tray on the side of her head.  When she spoke, she had a strange West Indian accent that made it hard to understand what the hell she was saying.

"You all have been touched by the un-dead; therefore, you must touch the un-dead back.  And damn it, don't you all look at me like I'm crazy, boy."  She said.

Not knowing who the old woman was or what she was actually saying, Curtis broke her spell and spoke out, "Listen, Miss Cleo, or Root Lady, or even Crazy old Bitch!  You're the one who's been touched.  I think you had one too many if you ask me, so why don't you take your crazy, voodoo, magic light show on the hop, down to the next room, and leave us the fuck alone, because we're not buying the bullshit you're trying to sell us.  Now get the fuck out of here!"  He shouted.

But the old woman refused to leave until she had her say.  "Boy, don't you even talk to me in that way again!  I'll pull your tongue out of your foul mouth and slap your crazy ass with it.  Now, listen to what I have to say, boy!  We don't have much time, and he will not rest until he kills all his enemies.  And then he'll be coming to kill you and the white boy too.  You must fight him as one, but yet as a whole."

"Listen, you old porch monkey bitch!  Who the fuck are you calling a boy?"  Larry said strongly.  "And what the hell are you talking about, bitch?"

"You talk a lot of shit for a white boy who can't even wipe his own ass.  But before the night is over, you will be singing a different song.  Believe that, boys!"

It was Chris who stopped the commotion between Curtis, Larry and the strange old woman.  He told everyone to shut up and listen to what she had to say.  For some strange reason that he couldn't understand or explain, he knew they had to listen to this old woman.  He knew their very lives depended on what this crazy old woman had to say. "Go ahead, lady, and talk.  Who are you talking about, and what are you saying?" He asked.  Even though they knew who she was talking about, they needed to hear the old woman say it.

"You're truly the smart one; good, good, because they're going to need your brain power if you're all going to make it through the night.  To answer your question, the un-dead I'm talking about is Chucky," she answered.

Just hearing Chucky's name sent a cold chill through their bones.  What did this old woman know about Chucky, and why was she here with them?


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