Curtis -V- Chucky, Book 3 of the Dummy Detectives Series...


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Now with all that said, let's get to the book itself.  Here are some excerpts from a few chapters for you to read. I narrated some parts so you will know what's going on. I had to put all of chapter 8 in so you would fully understand how Curtis and the rest of the Dummy Detectives were able to fight Chucky. I even shared some of the killing Chucky was a part of, but Chucky kills 15 people and I couldn't put all that in these few pages. I just wanted to give you some idea of how he went about it.

As for the rest of the Dummy Detectives, they're funny as hell, and we all get busy in more ways than one. Damn! I wish I could put the whole book out, but I can't. Still, I hope you enjoy what you're about to read and want to read more and see the movie in the future.  Take care, my Dummy Detectives followers, and dummy speed to all of you.


In Chapter three, Chris and Curtis rush to the hospital after receiving a phone call saying that their Dummy Detectives partners had been hurt very bad, and this is what happened once they were there...

Their trip didn't take as long as they had thought it would, but then again, Chris had broken every speed limit along the way by driving 90 to 100 miles an hour.  Once there a prettty young nurse showed them to their friend's room, but she didn't prepare them for the sight they saw as they entered the room.

In the first bed near the door lay Larry, with both of his dummy legs broken and wrapped in casts from his chest to his toes.  Both of his arms were in casts to his shoulders.  His chest area was wrapped, as well.  To be truthful, he looked like some kind of little dummy mummy right out of the movies.  Even his head was wrapped, and only his eyes and mouth showed.

Smitty lay in the bed next to his partner.  He was a sight for sore eyes.  He was in a cast from head to toe too, like a carbon copy of Larry.  They were indeed a sight to see.  Chris and Curtis had never dreamed of seeing them in this kind of shape.  Larry maybe, for talking too much, but not Smitty.  As they walked in, Larry spoke to Curtis in a weak-sounding voice like a small child.

"Man, he hurt me!  He really hurt me and Smitty bad,"  Larry kept said.

Curtis, who was still in the dark as to what happened, didn't know who "He" was.  "Who in the hell did this to you, little buddy?" Curtis asked.  "Tell me who did this!"

"He did it, damn it!  He did it!" Larry almost cried.

"Who?"  Curtis asked once again, searching the room to make sure "He" wasn't there with them.  "Man, you're not making any sense.  Who the hell is He?"

"Chucky, damn it!  Chucky did this to us!  I told the nurse to tell you who did it, in case you saw him in the hospital.  That way you would know him and kick his ass."  Larry cried out, as if in pain.

Curtis turned his head toward Chris and said, "Is there something you forgot to tell me?  Like WHO THE FUCK IS CHUCKY!   You seem to have forgotten to tell me that part of the conversation you and the nurse had."

Chris had no choice but to tell him what the nurse had said: a Chucky doll came back to life and tried to kill Larry and Smitty.

"OH HELL NO!" Curtis shouted.  "You mean to tell me it was Chucky, the one in the movie, the one who loved killing and cutting people up, the one who had a child who turned out gay and then ended up killing his own father.  Are you talking about that Chucky?  You mean to tell me that a 4 feet tall Chucky doll kicked the two of your asses and broke you both the fuck up like match sticks?  That's the Chucky you're trying to get me to believe you're talking about?  OH HELL NO! Okay, okay you got me.  Where's the camera?"  He asked while looking around.  "I know I've been 'Punked.'  The joke's on me, so tell everyone to come on out.  You got me. Man, it must have taken you over 8 hours to put all that makeup on.  This shit looks as real as a motherfucker."  Curtis laughed, still expecting to see people come out from their hiding places.  But to Curtis' surprise, no one came out, and he started getting that nervous feeling again.  "Man, this shit can't be real,"  he thought.

"No one's trying to punk you Curtis, and it's not 'Candid Camera' by any means.  This is some real freaky shit; Chucky fucked us up.  Don't ask me how because I'm still having trouble believing all of this myself,"  Smitty said.

Chris and Curtis were in shock.  They never knew Smitty to lie, not in any form or fashion.  So if he said it was Chucky, then they had to believe him.

After seeing their reaction, Smitty told them how Chucky came to their house and how Larry used and abused him, beating Chucky's ass like a punching bag for the last three weeks, then when they washed him and hung him out to dry, a strange storm came and brought Chucky back to life.

"STOP IT! STOP IT!  You're killing me with this crazy-ass shit!" Curtis shouted.  "You mean to tell me that you allowed Larry to bring home a crazy-ass Chucky doll so he could use, abuse, and beat the hell out of him?  MAN!  Are you two white boys crazy?  Or do the two of you just have a death wish?   Don't the two of you know any damn thing about crazy movie killers?  There are certain things you just don't do over if you want to live."

"One:  You never, never ever bring crazy killers into your home and mess with them." "Two:  You never buy a Michael Myers Halloween mask on Halloween because that crazy cock strong killer is always coming back to life just so he can kill his sister and a whole lot of other crazy people who get in his way.  I think the crazy fool was really gay, and his sister stole his little doll when he was young.  The crazy white boy has never been right after that, so you don't fuck with his sister or him, especially on Halloween night." "Three:  You never fuck with another white boy called Jason.  That ugly sick son-of-a-bitch is a killing machine; he's the worst of all.  They have over 15 movies with him killing everything under the sun.  Not even cats or dogs are safe when his ass is on the prowl."  "Four:  You never mess with Freddy because that child molester loves killing kids in their dreams, and if you try to stop him from having his fun, he'll get into your own dreams and turn your whole life into one hell of a nightmare with a deadly ending.  You'll never wake up the same."  "Five:  You never, EVER screw around with that crazy, short, redheaded bastard called Chucky.  That crazy fool was a stone killer before he became a doll with a bad temper, and now he's worse than ever; he went butt-ass wild, killing everyone just so he could turn back human.  He's a sick fuck!  Therefore, you never beat Chucky's ass and not expect him to come back alive so he can get even with your foolish asses."  "The two of you broke every movie rules there are!"  Curtis shouted at his friends.  "And now you got our black asses stuck right in the middle of your white family feud!"

Chris spoke up so Curtis wouldn't make matters worse, if that could happen; he also knew Curtis was right. But now was not the time to point fingers at their friends.  "Listen up; I know you said there was a funny storm, but how did that bring Chucky back to life?"

"Man, didn't you just hear what these two crazy fools said?"  Curtis shouted. "These two fools beat Chucky's ass back to life!  That's how that shit happened."

"I know all of this sounds strange, but it was our neighbors who saved our lives.  They heard all the screaming and called the police,"  Smitty said.  "As to why he didn't kill us while he had the chance, I'm not sure about that one, but I have every intention of asking him that question when we meet again, and this time I'll be ready."  Smitty had madness in his eyes, and no emotion in his voice.

There was no doubt in any of their minds that Smitty wanted another shot at Chucky, but that would be a long time coming, since he was broken up pretty bad.

"Hold the fuck up!  What screaming?  Who the hell was doing all that screaming like a bitch?"  Curtis asked.  But before Smitty could answer, Larry not liking what he heard, spoke up to clear the air.

"First of all, it wasn't bitch screaming, not in that sense," Larry said.  I was hollering, making lots of noise in the hopes that someone would hear me and come to our aid, or at least call the cops, which someone did do.  You have to understand that after he knocked Smitty out with the baseball bat from behind, Smitty couldn't help me.  Then the bastard started breaking my man up into pieces.  After that Chucky abused me for the next 3 hours or more; I lost track of time; it was so painful.  That's when I knew I had no choice but to start screaming, I mean hollering for help."

 Curtis couldn't leave well enough alone, no more than Larry would have if the shoe was on the other foot.  "What the fuck!  You mean to tell us that Chucky beat your ass for over 3 hours?  What else did he do to you, little buddy?  You can tell us.  We all know Chucky has a working dick, because he had a gay child in the movie.  So come on, kick the dirt, little buddy.  Let it all out,"  Curtis stated and then laughed.  He couldn't help himself.  "White on white, and I know it couldn't have been a pretty sight."

"Fuck you, Curtis!"  Larry screamed.

"See there, you're still screaming.  All I'm trying to find out is if Chucky fucked you!"  Curtis shot back at his friend.  "Is that what you were trying to tell me when I first came into the room and you kept saying, He hurt me!  He hurt me really bad!"  Now, what you really meant to say was, He fucked me!  He fucked me really hard!"  Then Curtis laughed again.

Larry was so mad he wanted to kick Curtis' ass.  "You're really enjoying all of this, aren't you, asshole?"  Larry screamed again.

"No!  I never enjoy seeing a friend suffer, but you brought all of this on yourself, and now you made us a part of this crazy bullshit.  You beat Chucky's ass for three weeks, and when he decided to come alive and return the favor you were only able to last a few hours before you started falling apart and screaming like a bitch.  That just goes to show what I've been saying all along: white people can dish it out, but sure as hell can't take it when it comes back their way.  So dummy your ass up and handle it.  Plus, white people always seem to have a problem when it comes to running away from trouble when they see it coming their way," Curtis added.

"That's bullshit!" Larry shouted.  "So what you're saying is that black people never get killed in the movies or in real life."

"I'm not saying that at all.  Everyone knows, if you see a black person in 'movies' where there is killing, he'll be the first one to die.  They have to trick black people now days to get them to do a movie with killing in it, because once...


But before Larry could justify his statement, a strange wind blew the door open and a foul smell of dead fish filled the room.  They all turned and looked at the door, which was surrounded by a soft blue light.  Everyone froze, thinking it was Chucky and that somehow he had found them and now was there to finish the job he had started earlier.

But it wasn't Chucky. Instead, an older Jamaican woman appeared.  She had long gray hair and a funny-style hat that was cocked ace, duce, and tray on the side of her head.  When she spoke, she had a strange West Indian accent that made it hard to understand what the hell she was saying.

"You all have been touched by the un-dead; therefore, you must touch the un-dead back.  And damn it, don't you all look at me like I'm crazy, boy."  She said.

Not knowing who the old woman was or what she was actually saying, Curtis broke her spell and spoke out, "Listen, Miss Cleo, or Root Lady, or even Crazy old Bitch!  You're the one who's been touched.  I think you had one too many if you ask me, so why don't you take your crazy, voodoo, magic light show on the hop, down to the next room, and leave us the fuck alone, because we're not buying the bullshit you're trying to sell us.  Now get the fuck out of here!"  He shouted.

But the old woman refused to leave until she had her say.  "Boy, don't you even talk to me in that way again!  I'll pull your tongue out of your foul mouth and slap your crazy ass with it.  Now, listen to what I have to say, boy!  We don't have much time, and he will not rest until he kills all his enemies.  And then he'll be coming to kill you and the white boy too.  You must fight him as one, but yet as a whole."

"Listen, you old porch monkey bitch!  Who the fuck are you calling a boy?"  Larry said strongly.  "And what the hell are you talking about, bitch?"

"You talk a lot of shit for a white boy who can't even wipe his own ass.  But before the night is over, you will be singing a different song.  Believe that, boys!"

It was Chris who stopped the commotion between Curtis, Larry and the strange old woman.  He told everyone to shut up and listen to what she had to say.  For some strange reason that he couldn't understand or explain, he knew they had to listen to this old woman.  He knew their very lives depended on what this crazy old woman had to say. "Go ahead, lady, and talk.  Who are you talking about, and what are you saying?" He asked.  Even though they knew who she was talking about, they needed to hear the old woman say it.

"You're truly the smart one; good, good, because they're going to need your brain power if you're all going to make it through the night.  To answer your question, the un-dead I'm talking about is Chucky," she answered.

Just hearing Chucky's name sent a cold chill through their bones.  What did this old woman know about Chucky, and why was she here with them?


 The answer is in Chapter 8, but in Chapter 7, Chucky was pissed off that he allowed two  more Dummy Detectives to get away from him, but he wasn't mad long, before three robbers broke into the house where he was staying.  Nothing made Chucky happier than killing unwanted guests, and he does it in true Chucky form...

Now, back to Chapter 8 where the broken up Dummy Detectives learn what the old woman had to tell them and what thier mission was...


"Who are you," Chris asked the gray-haired woman, "and what do you know about Chucky and what happened to us?"

"My name isn't important; and why am I here? Time will answer all your questions, but I will tell you I'm here to set things straight," she answered.

"I think you're here to drive us crazy with your bullshit, then send us straight to hell with that fishy-ass smell. Bitch, you really need a bath before you start making hospital calls, on the serious side!" Curtis told the old woman.

Larry, who never liked to be outdone by Curtis, had to add his two cents to the conversation. "Come on, you old black bitch; who really sent you? Are you Chucky's mother? Because you smell just like his stinking ass!"

"Listen! I'm not going to tell either one of you again to stop the bullshit. Let the woman talk!" Chris shouted in a voice that meant business. "Please, lady, tell us why you're here; and what can we do about Chucky?"

"Chucky is a force to be reckoned with."

"No shit!" Larry said, interrupting the old lady's train of thought.  Chris gave Larry an evil look, as if to say, "Just do it again! I dare you!"

"I came from a place here and yet there. My job is to bring things out of order, back to order."

"You should have ordered some bath water before coming here," Curtis interrupted. He couldn't help himself. He knew Chris would be mad as hell, but nevertheless, the truth was the truth. The old bitch smelled like something out of this world. Surprisingly, Chris didn't say a word or give him the same mean look he'd just given Larry. He kept listening to the old woman's story as if everyone's lives depended on it.

"There are lots of things that you all don't know about. There are places and events that are going on right before you, and yet, you're unable to see them. But in time you will learn a great deal about yoursel­ves and the power that each of you possesses. Each of you will learn to find yourselves and choose the path that's right for you."

Curtis couldn't take it any longer. This old bitch was as crazy as a bat outta hell.  He didn't care if Chris sent him to another hospital room with duct tape over his mouth; he had to speak his mind. "Man, can't you see and hear that this old, stinking bitch is as crazy as Chucky?!" he shouted. "She has your dumb ass eating it up as if you were watching some kind of daytime soap!"

Larry had to make his voice heard, as well. "Curtis, I think she got your man under some kind of voodoo spell, because the bullshit she's saying just isn't making any kind of sense."

Chris turned toward Curtis and Larry with a mean look in his eyes and started to protest once again, but the old woman stopped him by speak­ing up.

"You two talking pieces of deadwood have the nerve to call me crazy? But what I say to you all is the truth, and whether you believe me or not doesn't change the truth. There's lots of power in each of you, and in time you will need to bring those powers out if you're going to defeat Chucky and find your way back home without losing your own souls."

After listening to the old lady, Chris was beginning to think that he had misjudged the old woman, and Curtis and Larry were right; she was crazy as hell. Yet, he couldn't shake the feeling that whatever she had to say was very important for them to hear.

"Listen, lady, we're trying to understand you, but you keep speaking in riddles, so please just say what you have to say so we can understand you," Chris said softly to the old woman, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

The old woman looked into each of their eyes as if deciding how much she wanted to tell them, if anything at all.  She said, "As I've told you, I'm from far away and yet not far away, and you must believe that things are not always as they seem. In order for you all to beat Chucky, you must pull your powers together as one and then believe in each other."

"What powers are you talking about?" Larry shouted from his bed. "The power of ONE, or the power in the third degree? Or the same kind of power the Power Rangers use to become one in the movies? Those are the only kind of powers I know about."

"You will all learn your true powers in time. But for now, in order to defeat the un-dead, only the un-dead themselves can cross over and be as Chucky is, the walking dead," she answered once again in riddles.

"I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" Chris shouted, with excitement in his voice. "Now I know what you're saying! In order to defeat Chucky, someone must be dead and yet alive as he is. One of us must die, then be reborn again!"

"Man! You got it, alright!" Curtis shouted. "Your ass got the same crazy sickness that crazy, stinking bitch got! You're talking just like her crazy ass about the dead and the un-dead. Man, you done lost your fucking mind!"

The old woman paid Curtis' no mind. She was watching Chris, and was she happy that he had almost figured out her riddles.

"Close, my friend," the old woman said, smiling. "You're right; only one of you who is dead, and yet all of you, must fight against Chucky in a fight to the death."

"But how can this be? Look at us; we're already beaten.  We're no match for Chucky," said Chris while pleading his case.

"Speak for yourself. I'm the only one who's not broke the fuck up! That's because I know how to get the fuck in the wind when it comes to saving my wooden ass," Curtis bragged.

"You're right, my young friend," the old woman stated, "and it will be you who will face Chucky in a fight to the death."

"OH, HELL NO!!!" I know you're crazy as hell now! There's no way on this earth or any other earth I'm fighting that crazy, evil, hard-hitting, murdering doll! That's not going to happen! You may have put some kind of dumb-ass spell on my man, but you can bet that bullshit isn't going to work on me. Believe that, you stinking, crazy, old bitch!" Curtis shout­ed.

"Lady, I have to agree with my partner on this one; there is no way he will fight Chucky," Chris told the woman, in defense of his partner.

"Oh, but he will, and he can beat him," she answered, with pride in her strange voice. "I will place a spell over all of you and join your spirits together as one within Curtis' body. Once that's done, Curtis, you will be able to walk, fight, and do as Chucky does, except all of you will be his reinforcement. Curtis will have all of your powers. He will have Smitty's martial arts abilities. He will have Chris' intelligence.  And he will have Larry's...

 "Oh, hell no!  Curtis said, cutting her off, don't tell me I'll have Larry's racist mind?! You had me sold until you got to that part."

"No! There is more to Larry than you all know," the old woman assured them. "His special gift will come in handy when the time is right. Believe that."

"What the hell is she talking about?" Curtis asked Larry. "We already know you and Chucky had a secret love affair.  Plus you and Smitty have more secrets than Jimmy Carter has liver pills.  What else are you two hiding from us? Let me find out you're not what you seem to be."

"First, me and Chucky didn't have any kind of love affair, so stop the bullshit! Second, I don't know what the hell this crazy old bitch is talking about," Larry shouted in his own defense.

Smitty, who hadn't said three words since the old woman came in, spoke up. "Let her finish. I find all of this very interesting. So please keep telling us what you're able to do. If you can make Curtis walk and do all the things you said he'll be able to do, that would be a pretty neat trick I'd like to see happen."

"Like I told you earlier, there are things of this world that you know nothing about. All things are possible when it they're needed, and right now, Curtis is needed to perform this event and set things right again. With all of your spirits inside Curtis' body, he will be as strong as, if not stronger than, Chucky. But all of your spirits must work together as one to overcome Chucky when the time is right. But let me warn you: this doesn't come without a cost. You have only 24 hours to find Chucky. Then you must kill him by destroying his medallion."

"What does his medallion have to do with all of this?" Smitty asked.

"The medallion is made with black magic and sorcery. It must be destroyed. Once it's destroyed, Chucky will not be able to call on its power and come back to life ever again. If you fail that, then you must wait and let him have what he wants the most. You will know what that is when the time comes. You will know."

"What I don't know is, what's up with this 24 hour shit?" Curtis asked. "I mean, what happens if I can't find him in 24 hours? I won't turn into a duck or something like that, will I?"

"No! If you don't destroy him by then, you will all die," she answered with sadness in her voice.

"WHAT! DIE! From what? Man, this is some deep, crazy shit! I'd rather take my chances on the road and leave this crazy town, Chucky, and this crazy-ass bitch!" Curtis shouted.

"Don't worry, my little friend; you'll do just fine, as long as you believe in yourself and your friends when the time comes," she assured Curtis.

"So in order for all this crazy stuff to happen, what do we have to do?" Larry asked. "I mean, our spirits don't have to stack on top of each other like a deck of cards, right? I hope there's no freaky shit involved."

"My man has a good point. So tell us, Miss Root Lady, how are you going to make this little trick happen? I still don't believe it, but since you have my partner hog-tied and his eyes wide open like a school boy on his first date with your bullshit, we may as well let you make a damn fool out of all of us and I can be the first one to say, I TOLD YOU SO!!!" Curtis said.

The old woman smiled and said, "Curtis, you're so cute when you're scared."

"Who's scared? Hell, I'm not scared, because I'm the only one who knows all this stuff you're talking is pure BULLSHIT! So stop talking and put your money where your mouth is, and let's get this fantasy, fairytale bullshit on the road."

The old woman placed the two beds side-by-side and told Curtis to lay at the foot of them. He protested at first, but something in the old woman's eyes made him comply without any more questions. They all seemed to fall into a deep sleep, yet they could still  hear a strange sound from what seemed like a distant place. They heard and felt a strange wind blow across their bodies. They heard the old woman speaking strange words that made no sense at all.

Chris, Smitty, and Larry felt their spirit leaving their bodies. They could see and hear everything that was going on. They saw the old woman on her hands and knees as if she was praying, while rocking back and forth and chanting a melody that almost sounded like a sweet love song. They saw Curtis' body before them; then, all of a sudden, one by one, they entered into his body. There was nothing: no sound, no wind, no chanting from the old woman nothing!

Curtis opened his eyes and looked around, and without thinking, he stood up and looked at his friends, who were still laying on their beds as if they were sleeping. Then he turned and looked at the old woman, who was smiling at him.

"What the hell did you do to them?!" Curtis shouted. "Why are they just laying there as if they're dead? Bitch! I know you didn't trick us, and then kill my friends! If that's what happened, then I'm going to kick your old ass all over this hospital!"

As Curtis was walking toward the old woman to kick her ass, he stopped suddenly realizing that he was actually WALKING toward the old woman. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was standing on his own two feet! Then he looked at his hands and arms and checked his body to make sure everything was there. He couldn't believe what had happened.  

"There's a mirror," the old woman told Curtis. "Take a look at your new body."

Curtis walked over to the full-length mirror. He couldn't believe it. He was in shock at what stood before him. His body had grown from 4 feet to 5 feet in height, and his weight went from 40 pounds to 75 pounds. His frame was now that of a baby Hulk, muscular all over, with raw, hard arms and abs you could use as a washing machine. But what really surprised Curtis was the fact that he was no longer a dummy, doll, or puppet. He now had features that were a cross between human and dummy, which also made him very handsome. He spent the next few minutes posing as if he was about to be chosen.

"IT WORKED! IT WORKED! I'm a  lean mean sex machine! I'm HUMAN! Yes! I'm a bad mother-shut-your-mouth!" Curtis screamed out loud.

Tears filled his eyes; real tears, not sawdust tears. He had dreamed of this moment his whole life, and now his prayers had come true, if only for 24 hours, as the old woman had said. Still, he was human, and that's all that was important to him. He was a real human being, not a freak, a puppet, or a dummy, but a real human being.  Curtis stopped posing and slowly went to check his manly package. "Please don't let me have a white-boy dick," he prayed, pulling his pants away from his body to check and see.

"YES! YES! She even blessed me with a man-sized DICK!  Thank you, old bitch.  I mean, old woman.  Thank you... I'm really blessed."? The old woman smiled at Curtis, and then walked over to him and without warning, slapped the dog shit out of his face.

Curtis was shocked that the old woman had attacked him.  He jumped back in a defensive stance in case she attacked him again.  "What the hell was that about?  He shouted from a distance.

"First, that was for calling me all those bad names earlier.  Second, it was to let you know that you're able to feel pain, as well as pleasure, now that you're human.  Third, I needed to wake up your inner spirits,"? she explained.

"Hey!  You didn't have to go all postal on me if you wanted me to apologize.  I'm sorry!  But if you hit me like that again, I won't be sorry when I kick your old butt."?  Curtis smiled, just to let her know he was just playing.  "Second, I really do understand the pain part; the shit hurt like hell.  But you said I can feel pleasure as well.  Does that mean I can get some stinky on my dinky and really enjoy it?"  "And, third, what did you mean when you said you had to wake up my inner spirits?  What was that shit about?"?

"Yes, you're now human, with needs and desires.  As for the inner spirits, once they awaken you will see what I meant," ? she smiled.

Curtis didn't like the sound of that, but before he could ask what she meant, Chris, Smitty and Larry started waking up from the hard slap.

"What the fuck is going on?"  Larry shouted.

"Hey, did it work?"?Chris asked.

"I have a strange feeling that it did," answered Smitty.

"Hey, wait a fucking minute!  I can hear them talking inside my head!"?  Curtis shouted in disbelief, looking at his friend's bodies still lying on the beds. "What are they doing in my head?"?  He asked.

The old woman smiled, "I knew there was something I forgot to tell you all," she answered back.

"What do you mean, you forgot to tell us?  I know good and well I'm not going to have to listen to these fools inside my head while I'm in this new body?  That's bullshit if I do!"?

"Yes, I'm afraid that's the way it is.  They will hear, see, feel, and be a part of you for the next 24 hours. Your spirits are now one, but you control your body unless you allow one of them to take control when you need them to. Other than that, they must stay inside your head," she explained.

"So, let me get this straight; you're saying I can take over Curtis' body and know what it feels like to be human?" Larry asked with true excitement in his voice.

Curtis started to protest, but the old woman stopped him and said, "Would you be so kind as to let Larry take over your body so I may explain to him the rules of the game, Curtis?"

"Hell no!" Curtis shouted. "I have to break it in myself first. If I let him break it in, I'll be walking like a white boy, with no rhythm whatsoever."

"Curtis!" the old woman spoke in a tone of voice that was cold. "If you don't, I'll take your body away, and turn you into a frog and allow Larry to control your body and complete the mission."

Curtis quickly allowed Larry to take control. At first, Larry found it hard standing on his own two feet. His legs were shaky, but after a while he stood tall and proud.


The old woman watched and waited until Larry had gotten all his excite­ment out; then she walked over to him the same way she had done to Curtis. Curtis knew what was about to happen, and he started laughing to himself. Once the old woman was in front of Larry, she slapped him so hard it almost knocked him out. He fell to his knees and shook his head, trying to get the bells to stop ringing.

"What the hell was that?!" he asked.

"You asked me a question, and I wanted to make it very clear to you that I will not tolerate any more disrespect from you or Curtis. Do I make myself clear?" she asked in a voice that meant business.

"Sure you do! But if you didn't like what I said, all you had to do is say so," Larry protested.

"Now that we're all clear on that, Larry, would you give Curtis his body back?"

Larry started to protest, but decided against it. The pain in his head was strong.  He knew this old porch monkey meant business, so he did as she asked.

Once Curtis was back in control and still smiling at what had happened to Larry, the old woman continued telling them the rules of the game. "As I stated before, Curtis is in complete control of his body, and no one can take control without him allowing it to happen."

"Damn! Damn!" Larry shouted.

"Does that apply to us as well?" Chris asked.

"Yes, like I said, since it's Curtis' body, he must allow each of you to take over only when there is a need to!"

"Well, I don't like this shit, but I'll play by your rules, and they will have to play by mine," Curtis laughed. "And right now, I'm getting the fuck out of here and having me a good time. I got... No, WE got 24 hours to spend, and I'll be damned if I spend it trading places with each of you, or standing around here listening to any more of this old woman's stories."

"Curtis, you must remember, you can't do this on your own. You're now a team, and as a team, there is no room for selfishness. You have to find Chucky and complete your task within 24 hours; if not, Chucky will kill you or you will in 24 hours, if I haven't returned you to your natural state by then."

"That's just great! If I die, then I die knowing my best friend and partners die with me. That really sucks, lady! We're all going to dummy hell, sent by Chucky or by time itself. That really sucks!" Curtis said again.  "Now since you shared the good news with us, is there any other news we should know about that could get us killed?"

"No! But remember this: One of you can pull the load, but it will take all of you to carry it uphill. A single brick can start a house, but it takes many bricks to complete it."

"Just great! We asked for some good news, and she ends up giving us more riddles," Curtis stated, shaking his head. "I'm out of here! No, WE'RE out of here, lady!"

Curtis and his partners left the hospital room, and no sooner had they left than a strange male voice said to the old woman, "Do you think they will make it?"  I pray that they do, because if they die, we die with them."

"You don't have to tell me what we're up against. I just pray that they're able to pull together and fight this battle as one. Then they can help us with our cause," the old woman answered back.

"Time will tell, but right now it's time for us to go. I can't hold this door open for much longer," the voice said.

"I'm staying so I can keep an eye on them," the old woman stated.

"You can't help them! That's against the rules, and the others will make you pay dearly for your actions," the voice stated strongly.

"I know what I'm doing. Besides, if they lose, we lose with them, and then it won't matter what the others think or say, because we will all be dead," she added.

"You're right, my queen. The door is closing. Good luck, my love." With those words, the voice faded away.

"I shall do all I can, my king. Only time will tell our fate. I love you too, my king." Then the old woman faded away in a cloud of smoke.


Tiffany and Big Hammer went out to say a few choice words over Chucky's grave, a few 'Fuck You's and a few other choice words. Then, Hammer sealed Chucky's grave by pissing on the mountain of dirt.

"Just in case he needs a little water before his bitch ass end up in hell," Hammer laughed. Then they walked back into the house  and started celebrating the death of Chucky.

Chucky was hiding behind the shed, or what was left of the shed, and heard and saw everything.

Once Akhir returned from retrieving his throwing card, Byrd and his new deck of cards were both gone.

"Damn you Byrd! Give me back my deck of cards," Akhir shouted, making his way towards the gym door. But before he was able to pull the handle open, a strange, cold voice stopped him in his tracks.

"As-Salaam Alaikum, Aki," Chucky greeted the young man in his Arabic tongue.

Akhir spun around in a fighting stance. Even though he didn't believe the bullshit Glen was selling them about Chucky, he knew without a doubt who the person before him was.

"I take it you're Chucky."

"Bingo! You got that right Aki! The one and only Chuck standing here and ready to fuck your Muslim ass up." Chucky stated with a smile.

Akhir looked his opponent up and down. Chucky looked like a half-man-half-scarred-faced doll with a cold-blooded smile. He also noticed that Chucky was dressed for war, as Glen had told them he would be. He had knives and throwing stars all over his body. Akhir knew by instinct that Chucky was a very dangerous and deadly opponent. This was going to be a life and death fight to the bitter end.

"Check this out, Aki! I couldn't help overhearing you and your muscle-freak friend talking about how that bitch-ass son of mine placed a 100 thousand dollar bounty on my head, and 10 thousand dollars just to keep the rest of you roaches from running out on him. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but you would have been better off staying on your hands and knees over in the Middle East terrorizing and blowing shit up over there than being sent on a suicidal mission to fuck with me and my head. Plus, if you ask me, I don't think Glen's punk-ass is paying you near enough to die for his punk-ass," Chucky said, smiling.

"Then I guess me leaving and seeking new employment elsewhere is out of the question at this point and time," Akhir said, wanting to know if he had any options.

"NOPE! My dead Muslim friend," Chucky told him, "once you meet the Chuck, there's no more career change. That's your ass, and now it's time for you to dance with the devil, party time, son."

"Then I gues there's nothing else to talk about," Akhir stated, hitting Chucky with a hard right to his jaw, and following up with a highflying kick to Chucky's chest.

Chucky wasn't completely caught off guard by Akhir's sudden attack. He fell back and smiled and told the young man, "Aki, you done fucked up now, I was going to give you a chance to get on your knees and say your last prayer, but that shit is out of the question now punk. Time to fight until your sweet ass dies."


That was the first of Glen's roaches to die. Even though Akhir put up one hell of a fight, he was no match for the Chuck. After his job with Akhir, Chucky still has seven more men to kill, plus Glen and the Dummy Detectives. I'll share one more killing and the rest you have to read once the books and movie are out. So enjoy the next parts of this book.

"So tell us, cowboys, how do we ride this horse? Do we go in town shooting or do we take the low road and try to fit in where we can get in and find this cat Glen?" Asked Curtis.

"I think it's best that we take our time and try to find Glen. We don't want to draw any more attention to ourselves than we have to. Knowing Chucky the way I do, I'm more than sure that by the time tonight has passed there's going to be more bodies all over the campus as if they were falling from the sky, and the last thing we need is for people to only remember us asking questions and blaming us for all the killing," Chris told his crew.

"Well, Smitty, it looks like it's your time up to bat," Curtis told his friend.

Smitty was caught off guard by Curtis statement. "Why me?" He asked, not sure where Curtis was going with this.

"Hey, you're the cool-headed one of this group! Even though Chris has the brains, you know how to handle any unexpected questions and how to ask all the right questions to ge what we need. You know for a fact that if Larry or I start shooting off our bigh mouths, we're getting run out of town with an angry mob hot on our asses, and we don't have time for that kind of bullshit. So that's why, cowboy," Curtis explained.

For the second time tonight, Curtis was making good sense, so Smitty took over his body and started walking around the college campus with Chris, directing him as to where they should look for Glen.

"If I was Glen and I knew my father, a madman, was coming for my ass, I wouldn't make it easy by no means for him to find me," Chris stated.  "So if i had any kind of friends following me, I would meet up with them at the gym.

"Why the gym?' Larry asked. "I mean if I had a damn fool looking to kill me, I wouldn't be in a gym playing basketball."

"The gym is the best place to make plans and the best place to defend yourself is you have to fight. Plus there's more room for you and your men to work without everyone bumping into and stepping all over each other when the shit hits the fan," Chris explained.

"Hey, that's why my man is the brains of this outfit," Curtis stated proudly, "because he thinks of shit just like that. Hell, I never would have thought about the gym. I would be looking for Glen's punk-ass under his bed in his dorm room, praying like a motherfucker that Chucky didn't find him." Curtis laughed.

They all laughed and then made their way down the yellow brick road toward the gym, according to the sign they had spotted on their way. As they walked, they spotted from a distance what looked like someone laying on the path sleeping or drunk.

"Hey! I didn't know they allowed bums to sleep on ther college campus," Larry said.

"Man, fuck him," Curtis responded. "Wake his bum ass up and ask him if he saw anything strange within the last hour and if he knows where we can find Glen's ass?"

But as they approached the sleeping person, Smitty smelled that same smell of death that he knew so well. "I don't think he's sleeping guys."

"Man, don't tell me your damn nose is picking up dead people again. Hell, you should have been in that movie where that kid was always seeing dead people, but in your case, you're always smelling dead people," Curtis shouted. "If that's the case, we all know who did it, and your nose is better than a fucking bloodhound."

Once they were closer to the body, they could see Chucky's handiwork. The man was dead all right, cut to ribbons.

"Damn! I thought we would beat him this time," said Curtis. "It seems like he's always one step ahead of us, but you got to give to him, he knows how to drive home a point; a fucking deck of cards! Would you believe that shit? Well, one thing is for sure, now that Chucky is on the campus grounds, more bodies will be found: where there's one, ten or more are not far behind."


They called the girls on their cell phones and told them to meet them behind the football stadium and to bring their baby sister because they had a friend for her, as well.  At first they disagreed, but smooth-talking Yahyaa didn't have much trouble convincing them to do it.

"Listen man, before they get here let's pick out different spots where we can get busy. I don't need to be listening to all that crazy noise," Mr. Powell stated to his friends.

"Man, I can't help it if I drive women wild and make them scream and crawl up the walls with pure joy and pleasure. Theycan't help but to make all kinds of noise," Tommy bragged.

"Man, you got that whole statement twisted. I wasn't talking about the women; I was talking about your punk, lame ass! My mother told me that's how you all got caught by my dad; you were making more noise than the 8-track tape player, and dad heard you, "Mr Powell laughed. "Got to be more careful."

Chucky was watching from a distance as the girls from the fat farm showed up.

"That's right, all you cows come together so the Chuck can start cutting your beefy, freaky asses up," he whispered. "It's a damn shame that these three guys are so horny; they can't wait to fuck these three fat-ass cows."

Soon the night air was filled with moans and groans, and Chucky watched and waited until they were deep into it.

For someone who didn't like fat girls, Tommy was riding Baby Girl, and having the time of his life. Tommy had to ride her doggy style because she was built like a small pony with long fake hair.  Tommy grabbed her long hair as if it was some kind of horse bridle.

"Pop that thing, baby!" Tommy yelled, "Work it like its hot! Buck baby! Buck!"

All was going well until Tommy pulled a little too hard and Baby Girl's wig came flying off her head, causing Tommy to fall back and land on his ass. They both laughed as Tommy picked himself up and started riding all over again, only this time he was using her hair as a whip, hitting her fat ass with each stroke while screaming out loud, "Pump it, you fat bitch!"

Chucky watched until he couldn't take it anymore. "That's a damn shame watching shit like this! Plus that bitch's hair is so short, I can smell her brain from here," he whispered. "I'm going to kill his ass for making a damn fool out of himself by fucking something that fat and ugly, and I'm killing her for stinking up the air with her stinking ass pussy juice."

Chucky slowly made his way behind Tommy, then whispered in his ear,"you got to be kidding me, punk. This fat bitch just got you killed."

At first, Tommy thought it was Mr. Powell playing games with him until he felt the knife slide into his chest and heart. He fell to the ground thinking, "If I knew this fat bitch's pussy was this good, I would have died over it a long time ago," and then he died.

Chucky pulled the wig out of Tommy's dead hand and placed it on Tommy's head.  Then he whispered in Tommy's ear, "You live by the fuck, and now you died by the fuck."

Baby Girl was so into it she never even noticed that Tommy had stopped fucking. She found the thrill of a good fuck very exciting. Nothing made her feel more alive than a good hard fuck. Even though Tommy was no longer behind her filling her with pleasure, she kept rocking back and forth as if he was there.

Chucky had found a baseball bat on his way to find Glen and had it with him when he found the fat freak farm and some more of Glen's roaches. Now that he had killed super freak Tommy White, he couldn't resist killing the fat horny bitch as well. Since she lived for a good fuck, she may as well get fucked to death and go out with a big bang, and a smile," Chucky thought. He couldn't resist giving her what she needed a long hard dick, but in this case a long Louisville slugger would hit the same home run and drive Chucky's point home. He got behind Baby Girl and slammed the baseball bat all the way into her pussy, thinking it would kill her. But to his surprise, she screamed out loud and kept right on rocking back and forth as if Tommy had finally hit the right spot.

"OHHHHH YES! YES! Tommy, now you're working it! Give it to me Daddy! Rock this pussy!" She screamed.

Chucky was in shock as he pulled the bat out of her oversided pussy. "Oh, hell no! I know you didn't just get a nut off the Chuck, bitch? No bitch gets a free fuck off the Chuck, not without getting a headache afterwards,"  he whispered. Then he tried over and over to climb up her wide back. It was like trying to ride a bucking horse as she kept rocking back and forth while screaming with pure pleasure.

"Don't worry, bitch. Your big fat ass is about to reach one hell of a climax," said Chucky, trying to steady himself. He stood on top of her back and raised the bat high over his head and slammed it down on the back of Baby Girl's head, causing her to drop like a big sack of potatoes. Chucky fell and rolled over and brushed himself off, "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me, he said, laughing and going off in search of the other two freaks and their fat cows.


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